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just another day jon secada

I was once put on the naughty step by a credit repair professional I freelanced for. Everyone in the building was working like Roman galley slaves, constantly under pressure, literally 1 week a week, putting in stupid hours every holiday. It was great for my bank balance but family life took a major hit.
Anyway, the boss recognised that things were arising from hand (especially freelance costs  who’d have thought it?) so he sent round a memo entitled Work/life balance. It basically thanked everyone for comitting to so much effort and time to help the business, and said that she realised things were going too far and that something had to finished (the first thing might have been to stop telling clients they could have the moon on a stick by 6pm).
That was sort of ok. But then the e-mail said:
Most importantly, we need to find a to be able to solve the problem of our work/life balance. So you could all have a think about it over the weekend and get to me with some concepts on Monday, that’ll be a great commence.